A Passion for Flavor & Health

Olivins was born early 2013 out of owner, Bill Acosta’s passion for the best tastes the world offers. Bill gets excited about sharing these amazing products with customers in the store and out and about. “I love to see someones face light up or see them stomp on the ground and say things like “Get out” when they taste”. “I enjoy seeing a taster lick the last drop out of a cup because they love the flavor” says Bill.

As a former owner/operator of a health club in PA, Bill also loves healthy products and Olivins delivers when it comes to health benefits. Olivins is unique in the wide variety of products they offer and let you sample. Their saying is “Tasting is believing.” Bill has many passions including life coach, personal trainer and pilot. Come enjoy a flight on the Olivins airline and become a frequent flyer. As a trainer he will guide you through what excites your taste buds and makes life a little more enjoyable.